5 hot tips to minimise your power costs during Winter

Winter is rolling around again. While the cold weather is unbearable to some, we can all take a number of steps to keep ourselves comfortable in our homes during this time.

To help you reduce your energy bills while keeping comfortable, we have listed five useful tips to assist you in surviving the winter freeze!

1. Keep your windows and doors closed

The cold temperature outside infiltrating your home can decrease the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, as it will have to work harder to heat the cooler temperature. We recommend ensuring that windows are shut, there are no gaps for cool air to enter and to use weather strips and draft stoppers for under doors. Curtains and blinds can be used as extra insulation to keep heat in the room and prevent the cold from entering. Be sure to keep doors closed for rooms of the house that the air conditioner isn’t heating, otherwise the unit will work harder for longer, this can lead to increased energy consumption and taking additional time to get the conditioned space warm and cosy.

2. Clean the filters

Air conditioning filters have great roles in the unit’s overall performance as their purpose is to catch dust and other microbes. These should be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions regularly to ensure optimum performance and efficiency. Dirty filters can reduce airflow which lessens the unit’s efficiency in heating the room. Keeping your air conditioner clean helps to minimise the chances of clogging the unit up with excess dust or formulation of mould. If you need some assistance Valley Air Conditioning offer a range of services to ensure your system is operating at its best.

3. Use timers and other smart features

Most AC units come with functions such as built-in timers and other energy saving functionality. Use timers to automatically switch the unit off after you go to bed or pre-heat the house prior to arriving home. With simple steps implemented such as these you can reduce energy consumption.

A number of the major manufacturers such as Fujitsu, Daikin and Mitsubishi have a number of smart features and energy saving modes. Motion sensors allow the unit to operate when someone is in the room and turn off or to an energy saving mode when no one is there. Also available is the remote control so you can control whenever you need to, no matter where you are. Want to turn the unit on before you get home from work so you can arrive home and it is already nice and warm? This is now all possible. Alternatively, if you forgot to switch off before leaving home you can access via your smartphone or tablet device to minimise energy wastage. Many now can also integrate with Google Home and Amazon Alexa for smart home functionality.

4. Look at the energy ratings

Energy rating labelLook for the ‘Energy Ratings Label’ to learn more about your unit’s energy consumption. They will have a heating and cooling label so you can compare the energy efficiency of similar similar-sized models. When looking at the label, the more stars you see means the more electricity costs you can save! The power input shows how much power is needed to operate the unit, while the Capacity Output shows the amount of cooling and heating that the unit can produce.

For products such as ducted units where an energy label might not be available look at the EER (energy efficiency ratio) and COP (coefficient of performance). The EER relates to the air conditioners efficiency in cooling where the COP relates to heating. The higher the number the better, though be sure to compare models of similar capacity. The government website www.energyrating.gov.au has a helpful tool that estimates power usage. The expert sales team at Valley Air Conditioning can also assist with selecting the best model for your needs.

Hint one: if two AC units have the same Capacity Output rating, it’s better to choose the one with lower Power Input, this will be a more efficient choice.

Hint two: ask the team at Valley Air Conditioning to help select the right product!

5. Replace your old unit

If you have an older, less efficient model it may be time to upgrade to a more efficient product with newer technology. There are many brands including Fujitsu, Daikin, Teco, Actron, Mitsubishi Electric and LG that have used up-to-date and affordable inverter technology in their units to allow more precise temperature control and reduced energy usage when compared to conventional units.

There are also a range of air conditioning units to choose from:

  • Split System Air Conditioners: these are the most popular choice in a residential environment. They are relatively quiet and designed to efficiently warm the chosen area of your home such as a bedroom or living area.
  • Cassette Air Conditioners: these are ceiling mounted with a great warming capacity suitable for large spaces, and another option for flexibility dependent on installation space.
  • Multi Systems: these systems offer flexibility, with these systems there is one outdoor unit with a variety in number of indoor units connectable to allow flexibility to suit the installation space. The benefit is that you can control which rooms are warmed, dependent on the areas of your house that are being occupied.
  • Ducted Air Conditioners: these are designed to give you maximum control over the amount of air conditioning required in every area of your home or office. Reduce energy consumption by turning off the AC in areas that does not need one. This unit is much quicker to maintain. Ask Valley Air Conditioning about their smart zone control options to take temperature control within your home to the next level. Thinking its time for a new air conditioner? Seek professional advice and assistance, it is critical to select, place and have the installation carried out by experienced people. Find out more from Valley Air Conditioning with their qualified and experienced sales and service departments who are available to assist with all your air conditioning needs. From service, repairs, scheduled maintenance or new installations or advice, they are just one phone call away.

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