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Filters inside air conditioners are designed to catch dust and other pollutants such as pollen and bacteria, but if the coil and air filters are not cleaned regularly they can clog up, collect moisture and even mould. Additionally, the more clogged the filters are, the harder the unit has to work to move the air to heat or cool. 

This in turn increases the energy which will drive up the price of your bills.  At Valley Air Conditioning, we offer once off services as well as our Preventative Maintenance Contracts which are available at 1, 3, or 5 years for units that are under three years old if not installed by Valley Air Conditioning. 

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Each service includes a professional & experienced Service Technician on site to:

  •  Check thermostat calibration
  • Check compressor sump heaters
  • Adjust air flows if required
  • Check & blow out condensate drain trays & condensate drains
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Tensioning of electrical connections
  • Inspect outer casings for rust prevention
  • Quote repair as required
  • Check general operation of all units
  • Complete a written report to on each service with photos
  • To answer any questions about the unit you may have.

Split System Chemical Clean

What is a chemical clean?
One of the most common reasons why air conditioners might not work properly is due to the dirt that it has accumulated over time. The dust builds up in the air conditioning system and eventually causes the air flow to reduce and system to underperform or break down.


A chemical clean is the process of cleaning the internal coil and fan scroll of an air conditioner with chemicals and high-pressure water. It involves dismantling parts of the internal unit, covering the unit with a large bag and cleaning the unit with a chemical solution. This helps to remove any sticky dirt particles, mould and corrosive acids from the internal parts. Clean all plastic air ways and facia.

What are the benefits of a Chemical Clean?

1. Improves Air Quality

After your Chemical Clean, your system breathes fresh and clean air. Improved indoor air quality helps respiratory diseases or any other health hazards that may occur from low quality air.

2. Extends the life expectancy of your Air Conditioner

Regular maintenance and a Chemical Clean help keep your Air Conditioner running at it’s best for years. This helps reduce or avoid costly repairs.


3. Savings on your Electricity Bill

When an Air Conditioner has a build up in the Evaporator Coil, your unit will be struggling to pull air through the system, becoming less efficient. A Chemical Clean provides increased air flow and unit efficiency, meaning savings to your Electricity Bill.

4. Improves Performance

Build up in the Evaporator Coil, Filters and drainage pipes may affect the performance of your Air Conditioner. With a Chemical Clean, your Air Conditioner’s performance will increase.

How to Clean your Split System Filters

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How to Clean your Split System Filters

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Bron Beavan
Bron Beavan
Great customer service and communication. Great quote, tradesmen very friendly and professional. Would recommend.
Liz Ryan
Liz Ryan
Thanks guys looks so great!
Jean Lane
Jean Lane
We love our new Fujitsu 7kw air conditioner. With a very hot summer looming we only waited just over a week to have it installed. Very quick and thorough, taking all the rubbish from the old air con. away. In and out in no time. Service from all staff amazing.
Dot Reed
Dot Reed
Very happy, service was prompt, professional in which they met and exceed my' expectations, thank you
Yappy Mat
Yappy Mat
Rhody and Zack did a amazing job diagnosing our pretty new Actron after it faulted parts where ordered quick by Rhody then fitted by Zack both the boys were friendly professional informative and had the utmost respect for there job. Both vehicles presented nicely both the boys wore there uniform with pride. Wish more younger people loved there job like these boys do.
Anne Keith
Anne Keith
Rhody came to do a service on our iZone ducted air conditioner.We appreciated his punctuality ( supported by ETA texts), professionalism answering our questions and polite friendly manner.We were left with a gleaming filter, silent system (hadn’t noticed the residual dust had developed a sound) and improved air flow throughout the rooms.???? We highly recommend Valley Air????Good job, Rhodey! Kind regards Anne and Rob Keith.

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