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An extensive range of indoor unit styles and outdoor unit capacities ensures flexibility to meet the most challenging of air conditioning needs, from wall-mounted and floor-standing designs to fully ducted air conditioning solutions.


Air Conditioners Built for Australia

Mitsubishi air conditioners are world-leaders in reliability, quietness and energy efficiency, and proven performance in the tough Australian environment.

The Mitsubishi Split air conditioners, meets the demands for improved energy efficiency while fitting in elegantly with home interiors. The air conditioner has minimal shaping, with all waste carved away. It has a unique aerodynamic design that lets it dispense with the open front grill and create a more attractive appearance as it runs. At the same time, it provides excellent energy-saving performance from its thin profile. The product is available in white, black, or silver to match a wide array of interiors.

You can enjoy year road comfort in every room, in every season with the Mitsubishi Ducted Air Conditioning Systems. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of touch-button climate control. Our advanced control technology brings you warm, even heat during Winter and clean, cool air during Summer.

Our ducted air conditioning systems are ideal for multiple room applications and can incorporate zone selection if required

Split System Air Conditioning

lue fin condenser

Anti-corrosion treatment has been applied to the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit. This coating slows the corrosion process of the aluminium fins; this is caused by salt in the air, especially in coastal areas. (Corrosion of the heat exchanger will affect efficiency and performance.)

I-Save Mode

The “i-save” Mode is a simplified setting function that recalls the preferred (preset) temperature at the press of a button on the remote controller. The function ensures the most suitable air conditioning settings are used contributes to reduced power consumption.

Dual Barrier Coating

Dual Barrier Coating reduces dust and greasy dirt from collecting on the surfaces of the air conditioner, and airborne contaminants sticking to the unit. Providing an air conditioner that is not only cleaner but also requires less cleaning.

Long airflow

The high-power motor combines with the “Long” mode to push air out further, helping to provide a more even air conditioned experience in the room. (Models 60/71/80)

Plasma Quad Connect air purifying filter

Optional secondary air purifying filter that connects to your air conditioner. Plasma Quad technology significantly improves indoor air quality by inhibiting six key indoor pollutants; Influenza virus, bacteria, PM2.5, allergens, mould and dust. Plasma Quad Connect helps improve indoor air quality, which is not only good for a healthier environment but can provide peace of mind and reassurance for the home, school or office. Optional part: MAC-100FT-E.


Quiet Operation

A “Quiet Mode” setting has been added to the fan speed settings, ensuring super quiet operation as low as 18dB*. Perfect for the bedroom; it’s so quiet you’ll check to see if it’s on. *Model 25 in heating mode only.


Vertical and horizontal vane design

Vertical and horizontal vanes are double the size of the previous model, allowing the airflow direction to be adjusted and improving airflow control effectively. These functions can be activated at the touch of a button on your remote controller.


R32 refrigerant

R32 enables increased energy efficiency compared to R410A, with just one third of the global warming potential, the risk of environmental harm is greatly reduced.


Wi-Fi Control

Unlock the door to smarter heating and cooling systems, for total home comfort. This innovative technology connects your Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner to your smartphone, tablet or online account, giving you the freedom to fully control each unit on-the-go via an internet connection from anywhere in the world.
*1 Optional Wi-Fi adapter required per unit. Requires an internet connection and the App downloaded on your smartphone or tablet with the latest operating system available.
*2 To use Amazon Alexa to control your air conditioner you will need an Amazon Alexa Echo device.
*3 To use Google Assistant to control your air conditioner you will need a Google Home Smart speaker.

MSZ-AP Series

  • Capacity Range: 2.5 kW – 7.8 kW
  • Quiet Operation
  • Dual Barrier Coating
  • Night Mode
  • Vertical and Horizontal Vanes
  • Weekly Timer
  • Chargeless Piping to 7 m

Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Systems

  • Capacity Range: 10.0 kW – 14.0 kW
  • High External Static Pressure
  • Flexibility in Design
  • Quiet Operation
  • Year-Round Comfort
  • Wi-Fi Control

Ducted Air Conditioning

Flexible ducting design

With the flexibility of ducted design and 150Pa external static high-pressure are incorporated. The increased variation in airflow options ensures operation that best matches virtually all room layouts.


Longer maximum piping length

Refrigerant can be piped up to 75 metres to the concealed ceiling unit, therefore creating a wide range of layout possibilities for unit installation.


High external static pressure

External Static Pressure: 50/100/150 Pa


Optional PAR-40MAA Wall mounted controller

This attractive full dot liquid crystal display incorporates a large backlit screen and simple menus for easy operation. You can set up to 8 temperature and airflow patterns per day for seven days. Perfect for the busy home and office or retail store.


Mitsubishi Electric Split System and Ducted Air Conditioner Brochures

Mitsubishi Electric Split Air Conditioning


Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Air Conditioning


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