Commercial Ducted Air Conditioner Service Kurri Kurri NSW

Full service aircon check and clean at the Kurri Kurri Bowling Club

The Project

The Kurri Kurri Bowling Club is a commercial client that exercises its routine service and clean contract every 6 months. The bowling club is a large facility that can cater for functions and events such as weddings, corporate functions and anniversaries. So, it is important that the distribution of airflow throughout the complex is even and clean. Also, there is a bar and restaurant that needs to maintain an ambient temperature.

Project Details

  • Property Type – Commercial
  • Location – Kurri Kurri Bowling Club, Kurri Kurri, NSW 2327
  • Task – Routine 6-month cleaning and service of the entire ducted air conditioner system
  • 5 year Service contract

The Aircon Service Solution

First, we check that there are no leaks in any of the piping. Then we check that the pipes and all connections are up to industry standards. Preventative ac maintenance can save owners a great deal of money. Especially when your aircon system provides heating or cooling to a large number of people on a regular basis.

After we have checked all the pipes, connections and ducts we pressure test the system. This test makes sure the ducted air conditioning system is running at its optimum capacity.

Cleaning Ducted AC Vents

Once we ran all the AC checks and were happy with the system we moved on to cleaning all the vents. Over time dust will build up in the vents and this needs to be removed otherwise the system will not perform properly and could become a health hazard. 

We removed all the vent covers and did a full clean until all unwanted particles were removed.

Ducted air conditioner service Kurri Kurri

Temperzone OPA500R Ducted Air Conditioner System Specifications

  • Brand – Temperzone
  • Model – OPA500R
  • Application – Supermarkets, shopping malls, clubs
  • System – Ducted
  • kW Size – Total capcaity  53kW Heating
  • kW Size – Total capacity 53kW Cooling
  • Room – Able to direct airflow into multiple rooms and large spaces
Ducted aircon service Kurri Kurri
Temperzone OPA500R Ducted Aircon System
Ducted air conditioner pressure test Kurri Kurri
Pressure testing a ducted air conditioner
Ducted air conditioner service Kurri Kurri
Ducted air conditioner clean Kurri Kurri
Kurri Kurri Bowling Club

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