Valley Air Conditioning uses manufacturers known for their superior quality products and components within the air conditioning industry. We stand by all our ducted components with our suppliers delivering air conditioning components to Australian’s for over twenty years.

Standard Zone Switch
Simple and attractive Zone Control system
Supply Grilles – Square
A ceiling diffuser that can direct air flow in multiple directions as required for complete control and comfort
Supply Grilles – Round
A very common grille used for equal air distribution. Also can be wound in and out for increased or decreased air flow
Floor Grilles
Designed to effectively maximise the air flow performance of each individual outlet
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Linear Grilles
The Polyaire Linear Slot Diffusers are an attractive alternative to the ceiling supply diffusers.
Bar Grilles
Linear Bar Grilles are normally used where an architectural blend of the grille to its surroundings are required.
Wall Grilles
Universal Outlets or Double Deflection Grilles are generally used in sidewall applications. They consist of two separate rows of individually adjustable vanes – front and rear.
Half Chevron Grilles
are generally used as Wall Return Grilles, and are suitable for exhaust and relief air applications.
Return Air Grille
Offers complete and simple serviceability with a removable inner

Pipe Cover Colour Choices

Colorbond Pipe Cover Colour options

Our Brands

We stock a wide range of air conditioning units to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for Australia’s favourite Air with Fujitsu, or simply wanting to cool a room of your house with TECO, we have the range for you.

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