Fujitsu Air Conditioner Error Codes

Error Codes and Troubleshooting for Fujitsu Air Conditioners

The list below features all the malfunction error codes for Fujitsu air conditioners and their potential causes.  You may determine the state and problem of the air conditioner or air conditioning system by looking up the error code.

Fujitsu air conditioner error code

Type of Error Codes



Serial Communication Error between Indoor/ Outdoor Units


Remote Controller Communication Error

External Communication Error


Indoor Unit Capacity Abnormal


Indoor Unit Address Setting Error


Connection Unit Number Error in Wired Remote Controller System


Indoor Unit Main PCB Error

Indoor Unit Manual Auto Switch Error


Indoor Unit Communication Circuit (Wired Remote Controller) Error

Indoor Unit Room Temperature Thermistor Error


Indoor Unit Heat Exchange Temperature Thermistor Error

Indoor Unit Fan Motor 1 Error


Indoor Unit Water Drain Abnormal

Indoor Unit Damper Error


Indoor Unit Intake Grille Position Error

These are the most common error codes and descriptions for Fujitsu air conditioners. 

Type of Error Codes



Outdoor Unit Main PCB Error


Outdoor Unit Active Filter/ PFC Circuit Error


Outdoor Unit IPM Error


Outdoor Unit Discharge Temperature Thermistor Error


Outdoor Unit Compressor Temperature Thermistor Error


Outdoor Unit Heat Exchange Temperature Thermistor Error


Outside Air Temperature Thermistor Error


Outside Unit Operating Valve Thermistor Error


Outdoor Unit Heat Sink Temperature Thermistor Error


Outdoor Unit Pressure Sensor Error


Outdoor Unit Trip Detection


Outdoor Unit Compressor Motor Control Error


Outdoor Unit Fan Motor 1 Error


Outdoor Unit 4-Way Valve Error


Outdoor Unit Discharge Temperature 1 Error


Outdoor Unit Compressor Temperature Error

Fujitsu Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

My Remote Control on my Fujitsu air conditioner is not working

The Fujitsu air conditioner remote’s dead or weak batteries are arguably the most frequent and disregarded cause of this.

First, position the batteries in a different location, as you would on a standard TV remote control. Try replacing the batteries with a fresh set if rearranging the batteries’ location does not solve the problem. Should it still not function, there could be an issue with your air conditioning remote. Sending the remote in for repairs might not be feasible, so think about getting a new one straight from Fujitsu.

The swing arm on my Fujitsu air conditioner is not working

Your Fujitsu air conditioner is probably experiencing internal electrical issues if the vents are stuck in the swivel position. Separate swing motors regulate the swing motion of air conditioners.

This implies that if the motors won’t swing, there may be an issue with the printed circuit board or the motors themselves. Unfortunately, a technician’s help and knowledge are needed to remedy this issue since it cannot be fixed on its own.

How do i reset my Fujitsu air conditioner?

To reset your Fujitsu air conditioner, you’ll need the remote control. Use a little, thin instrument to touch the small, RESET button located at the bottom. Proceed with caution, since excessive force or the use of a too sharp item might cause damage to the button.

The Filter Lamp on your Fujitsu air conditioner may also be reset. A built-in filtered lamp safety feature on Fujitsu air conditioner indoor units lets users know when the filters need to be cleaned. You may reset the filter bulb by pressing the RESET key on the filter.

My Fujitsu air conditioner will not turn off?

If the Fujitsu air conditioner in your home won’t shut off, sensor issues, a blocked or unclean condenser unit, or a dirty evaporator might be to blame. An air conditioner that won’t stop running might be caused by a number of broken components.

These include frozen evaporator coils, malfunctioning electrical relay switches, clogged air filters, and broken thermostats. Finding out which of these is the source of the issue is crucial in order to choose the appropriate troubleshooting approach. The best course of action in the event that malfunctioning electrical relay switches are the cause is to have a qualified Fujitsu air conditioner technician do the repairs.

My Fujitsu air conditioner is leaking water

Water leaks or drips from your air conditioner are most often the result of a disconnected tube or an obstruction in the unit’s water supply. One possible reason of an internal water leak on your Fujitsu air conditioner might be a clogged condensate drain pipe. The majority of Fujitsu split systems include this.

Recall that your air conditioner contains an evaporator coil. This results in moisture production and condensation. The moisture then trickles into a condensate drain pipe outside the room and down to a drain pan.

If dirt or debris is clogging the condensate drain line, you will need to use a wet/dry vacuum or hire a professional to use a specialized vacuum to clear the obstruction. Other possible causes of the issue include low refrigerant levels, a faulty condensate pump, and a rusted or cracked drain pan. In these situations, new components and/or refrigerant will be needed.

My Fujitsu air conditioner will not cool

The Fujitsu air purges heat instead of cooling may be brought on by an improperly adjusted thermostat or a filthy or clogged condenser; split systems are more likely to experience this. In the event that your Fujitsu air conditioner isn’t producing chilly air, you may need to inspect the air filters.

A typical source of cooling issues with Fujitsu air conditioners is dirty filters. It is exceedingly difficult for cold air to get through the buildup of hair, grime, and other interior contaminants. Depending on how frequently they are used, cleaning the air filters is advised at least every 400 hours of operation.

My Fujitsu air conditioner heat mode is not working

First, make sure your Fujitsu air conditioner has a heat mode. While some people believe all air conditioners have this capability, not all do. If there is a heat mode, it’s possible that you haven’t adjusted it to the right parameters to enable it to function.

Filters that aren’t clean, issues with circuit breakers, or blocked airflow might occasionally cause this.

If the settings are off, turn the air conditioner on HEAT rather than “Auto.” Next, select a temperature greater than for cooling and search for the heating feature. Finally, to ensure that your air conditioner operates, increase the fan speed suitably rather than leaving it on auto.

You might wish to get in touch with your local expert for further, more complex issues.


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